Sprinkles Make the Sun Shine Brighter.

My name is Morgan.
I like big fluffy puppies, kitty cats, narwhals, jellyfish, pandas, unicorns, giraffes, dolphins, turtles, and many more.
Especially lions and tigers :D
But mostly wolves (:
They're my favorite (:
I'm random, I know.
I like playing the piano, even though I don't have one. Derp?
My kitty Scrambles is... Awesome.
I love taking pictures... My camera is just fantastic (:
I love music. Specifically Thrash Metal.
My favorite band is Metallica.
I like candy, even though I shouldn't eat all that sugar (:
I'm always freezing cold for some reason, but hey, cats are meant for blankets, right??
I love to talk, you can probably already tell because I seem annoying already.
I'm actually far more laid back than this.
I wrote most of this about 5 years ago.
My favorite foods include cereal, waffles, chicken fingers, and pancakes.
I pretty much live off them.
I have a stunning collection of Dasani water bottles(Shhh... It's top secret...).
Cupcakes are absolutely amazing.
Just like striped sweaters.
So... Meow.

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